2023 Grants awarded under the Global Fund for Maarine Mammal Bycatch Solutions



Congratulations to the successful applicants:


Institution:     Oregon State University

PI:                 Shanta Shamsunnahar

Title:               Cetacean bycatch: Understanding socio-psychological factors to instigate behavioral change


Institution:     Khmer Ocean Life

Co-PIs:           Rose Ellis, Sarah Tubbs

Title:               Conserving Cambodia’s marine mammals: a nationwide bycatch assessment and initiation of a marine mammal stranding network


Institution:     Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Cape Coast

PI:                  Joseph Sefah Debrah

Title:               Sustaining cetacean by-catch reduction in Ghana through upscaling monitoring   of landings, deepening fisher Engagement, and promoting policy


Institution:     Pro Delphinus

PI:                  Joanna Alfaro Shigueto

Title:               Estimating bycatch rates and abundance of small cetaceans in Pucusana, Peru, to guide management and conservation initiatives


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