Bycatch News

From a pool of applicants four projects were selected focused on bycatch assessment and mitigation.


Some fishermen are taking advantage of available federal funding and gear to try out ropeless gear in Massachusetts, and increasingly in Maine as well.

Applications are now being accepted under the Global Fund for Marine Mammal Bycatch Solutions. Please see the attached file for more information including how to apply.

A recent ruling favors lobster fishing over the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale

Read the recent article in the Christian Science Monitor featuring NEAq researchers and fishermen from the Massachusett's South Shore on our science-industry collaborative project to evaluate hale-release rope for reducing whale entanglements incidence and severity.

A study by Dr. Rosalind Rolland and colleagues at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life demonstrated the utility of measuring stress of North Atlantic right whales using hormones extracted from whale feces. The study showed that whales entangled in fishing gear had significantly higher concentrations of these hormones than healthy animals or those killed by vessel strikes.