Technologies to reduce seal-fisheries interactions and mortalities

Stewardson, C.L. and M.W. Cawthorn
Journal/Publisher Name
pp. 81-95 (+ Appendix pp. 96-99), In Australian Fisheries Management Authority and Bureau of Rural Sciences: Final Report of the Special SESSFEAG Meeting: Reducing Seal Interactions and Mortalities in the South East Trawl Fishery, 20-21 November 2003, Can

Acoustic Harassment Devices were not found to be effective in deterring New Zealand fur seals (Arctocephalus forsteri) from mid-water trawls in the New Zealand hoki fishery. Sea Lion Escape Devices are undergoing testing in New Zealand˙s hoki trawl fishery (for fur seals) and the squid trawl fishery (for Hookers˙s sea lion). Preliminary results indicate squid and fish loss via the escape hatch was minimal; in the hoki fishery, fish loss was confined to fast swimming species, including jack mackerel and warehou.