Performance Assessment of Underwater Setting Chutes, Side-Setting, and Blue-Dyed Bait to Minimize Seabird Mortality in Hawaii Pelagic Longline Tuna and Swordfish Fisheries

Gilman, E., N. Brothers, and D. Kobayashi
Journal/Publisher Name
Final Report. U.S. Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, Honolulu
Underwater setting chutes, blue-dyed bait, and side-sets each reduced the bycatch of seabirds (Laysan and black-footed albatross and short-tailed shearwater) in the Hawaiian longline tuna and swordfish fisheries. Side-sets showed the most promise for a bycatch mitigation technique while blue-dyed bait was the least effective at reducing seabird bycatch and shows the least promise of these methods as an effective bycatch mitigation strategy.