Is it all about the haul? Pelagic false killer whale interactions with longline fisheries in the central North Pacific

\Andersona,D., Baird, R. Bradford, A.L, and E.M. Oleson
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Fisheries Research
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8 pp.
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This study examined spatial interactions between false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) and the Hawaii-based deep-set longline fishery. False killer whales occur as bycatch in this fishery that exceed allowable levels. Five satellite tagged whales (occurring within three groups) in combination with logbook entries showed that only two groups of whales approximated gear at a distance closer than 50km. On two occasions whales from one group came close enough to interact with gear, and one of six sets involved had no catch which may be explained by depredation. The haul phase showed the highest “attraction effect,” and the results suggest this portion of fishing activity may be an important factor in bycatch, especially seeing as at other times the whales showed limited time interacting with gear.