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FAO Workshop on Marine Mammal Bycatch Prevention

Consortium Scientists attended the FAO Workshop on Means and Methods for Reducing Marine Mammal Mortality in Fishing and Aquaculture Operations

Overcoming Development, Regulatory and Funding Challenges for Rope-less Fishing in the U.S. and Canada

The objectives of the workshop are to (1) discuss the need for and approaches to implementing rope-less fishing to reduce entanglements of large whales in trap/pot fisheries, (2) discuss and develop regulatory pathways to make rope-less fishing legal in the United States and Canada, and (3) discuss strategies to fund two phases of development: demonstration/evaluation and experimental fisheries.  The workshop format will consist of presentations followed by facilitated discussion on the urgent need for rope-less fishing techniques, the current state of development of rope-less fishing, technical development plans, regulatory challenges and solutions, and the funding landscape. 

Global Assessment of Large Whale Entanglement and Bycatch Reduction in Fishing and Aquaculture Gear

World’s leading scientists on whale entanglement prevention talk progress, problems in solving challenge of fishing hazards at international workshop, May 22-26, Portsmouth, NH

Annual Meeting of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium

The Bycatch Consortium will be presenting a paper on new rope-less fishing research.

International Marine Mammal - Longline Bycatch Mitigation Workshop

A 2013 workshop to discuss methods to reduce marine mammal bycatch in longline fisheries