Fishing Gear Modifications

Teaser Sentence
Research and development of bycatch reduction devices.

PROJECT AREA: Acoustic Deterrents

In northern Argentina, this project is examining how best to deploy acoustic pingers—already determined to reduce bycatch of the threatened Franciscana dolphin—in a small-scale gillnet fishery.
Aquamarina, Argentina

PROJECT AREA: Cetacean Bycatch in Longlines

The Consortium supports research on techniques for reducing the bycatch of cetaceans in longlines.
University of North Carolina – Wilmington, Nova Southeastern University

PROJECT AREA: Electromagnetic Deterrents

Investigations of earth metals and magnets for deterring shark interactions with longline gear.
Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University, Florida State University, Anderson Cabot Center for Marine Life

PROJECT AREA: Gear Switching

In some cases, rather than modifying the type of gear used in a fishery, it may be more feasible to switch it out for another type to better achieve bycatch reduction objectives while maintaining adequate catch levels and income from fishing. This project

PROJECT AREA: Whale Entanglements in Fishing Gear

The Consortium supports several studies evaluating gear modifications that can reduce entanglement of large whales in fixed fishing gear, including stiff rope, sinking groundline, ropeless fishing, and weak rope.
University of New Hampshire, Maine Lobstermen’s Association,Maine,Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Blue Water Concepts Lobstermen’s Community Alliance, Novatech, Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, South Shore Lobstermen’s Association