Fishing Gear Modifications

Research and development of bycatch reduction devices.

PROJECT AREA: Electromagnetic Deterrents

Devices created to deter sharks through their electrosensory system

Effectiveness of rare earth metals for shark deterrence

Project PI(s):
Steve Kajiura, Florida Atlantic University
Partner(s): John Mandelman, New England Aquarium


Underwater sound-emitting devices used to deter marine mammals 

Pinger Map with Field Trials

Global portrayal of acoustic deterrent field trials with marine mammals

Project PI(s):
Tim Werner, Bycatch Consortium and NEAq
Partner(s): US National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of International Affairs

PROJECT AREA: Rope Projects

Experiments with different types of rope to reduce whale entanglements

Colored rope

Whales may see and avoid red rope

Project PI(s):
Scott Kraus
Partner(s): New England Aquarium, Maine Lobstermen's Community Alliance

Stiff Rope

Consortium is testing whether ropes that have greater stiffness or fish under greater tension may be effective for reducing entanglements.


Experimental nets to reduce dolphin and porpoise entanglements

The efficacy of acoustically reflective and physically stiffened gillnets

Project PI(s):
Pablo Bordino, Fundación AquaMarina-CECIM


Hooks made to be strong enough to retain target catch, but weak enough to straighten and release bycaught whales

Hook Strength

Hook strength and the effects on odontocete tissue

Project PI(s):
William McLellan, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Partner(s): LH Arthur , SD Mallette, SW Thornton, RJ McAlarney