Loggerhead turtle, finfish and shrimp retention studies on four excluder devices (TEDs)

Christian, P. and Harrington, D
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In Proceedings of the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Symposium, 8-10 September, 1987. Georgia DENR, Social Circle, GA.
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Turtle excluder devices reduce sea turtle and non-target finfish (Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulateus), spot (Leiostomus exanthurus), sea catfish (Arius felis), and weakfish (Cynoscion regalis)) bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico prawn trawl fishery. Catch of targeted shrimp varied by location and TED configuration, but there was no significant difference in shrimp catch rates in 3 of the 4 TEDs when compared with a control net. One experimental TED in Texas exhibited a decrease in shrimp catch.